For details on the proposed Edgebrook Special Service Area, please view the presentation from our community meetings.

Edgebrook SSA Presentation Part 1

Edgebrook SSA Presentation Part 2

Edgebrook SSA Presentation Part 3

Please visit this website for more information on the proposed Edgebrook Special Service Area, including an upcoming survey where you can share your thoughts about improvements for the Edgebrook business district.

This is the map of the proposed Edgebrook Special Service Area (SSA) that could take effect in 2019.

The intent of the SSA is to elevate the Edgebrook business district by providing products and services beyond what the City offers.  Ideally, this will help increase customer attraction, increase business retention and increase property values.

There are no residentially zoned properties contained within these boundaries.

All property owners within the boundaries received a mailing in March with a contact phone number, survey and invitation to one of two public meetings.  These meetings have also been advertised on the Chamber’s website and in the local paper.

Please call the Chamber at 773.545.9300 for more information and watch this website for updates.