It’s easy to get here!

Edgebrook-Sauganash is unique in its proximity to most Chicagoland destinations.

From the Edgebrook Metra or the Edens Expressway in Sauganash, you’ve got direct access to downtown Chicago attractions and the Loop.

Heading east on Caldwell puts you on Peterson, a direct feeder into Lake Shore Drive–prehaps the most scenic way to get downtown.

Edgebrook is easily accessed from main arteries like Touhy, Devon, Caldwell (Waukegan Road to the north) and Central Avenue.

You can also easily access Edgebrook via bicycle on the North Branch Trail which stretches north to the Botanic Garden. A short ride from the mouth of the trail at Devon and Caldwell is the Edgebrook business district where you’ll find quaint shops and friendly business owners ready to greet you with a smile.

The gateway to the Sauganash Business District is perfectly located at the intersection of Peterson and Cicero Avenues, right off the Edens Expressway.

Stretching north on Cicero to Devon, and west on Devon and Peterson to Pulaski, Sauganash is the ideal place to conduct business.

From a beautifully manicured streetscape lush with colorful foliage, to quaint storefronts, professional office buildings with ample parking, and well-established businesses, Sauganash is the convenient, hassle free one-stop destination for shopping, dining and services.